We Were There

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Artist: Diane E. Kraus
Medium: Airbrushed Acrylics and Oils on Canvas 30" x 40" Canvas
Type: Painting
Date: 2004
Source: Diane Kraus Art and Illustration at http://dekraus.com
Description:. New York Wing CAP Flight taking photos of the WTC Ground Zero site.

Commissioned by the Southeast Region. The original painting is displayed at the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters. A historical note from the National CAP Historian, Col Leonard A. Blascovich; As the CAP aircraft flew around the World Trade Center to gather reconnaissance photographs as ordered by the Air Force a voice came over the radio. It was the New York City Police Department ordering the aircraft to leave the area or they will shoot them down. In a cool authoritative manner, another voice came over the radio, "CAP Aircraft, this is Air Force F-16 and 205K, we've got your six!"