CAP is on the GO

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Lyrics By: Capt Robert Mills
Music By: Mr. Josef Myrow
Published By: Mills Music Co., NewYork, NY
Date: 1959

CAP is on the Go - Instrumental


CAP is on the Go - Vocal


CAP is on the Go
(The Civil Air Patrol March)

We are the C.A.P. we're on the go. 
We're always, always, always on the go. 
We are ready in peace, ready in war, 
Ready for what we're needed for, 

Down on the ground, up in the blue, 
Set to protect the living likes of you, 
From training Cadets to flying Patrol, 
With air supremacy our goal, 
We of the C.A.P. want you to know, 
We're always, always, always on the go. 

In this land of the free, 
We'll protect our liberty, 
So feel secure to know, 
That the Civil Air Patrol is on the go.