CAPCP Base 21 Ballad

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Lyrics By: Lieutenants A. C. Kendrick and Carl Sloan
Music By:
Published By: None
Date: 1943

(Sung to the tune of Prisoner's Song)
CAPCP Base 21 Ballad
Now I'd like to tell you the story
Of some famous flying bricks.
They are put together with some mucilage
And some old discarded sticks.
They take damn near all the runway,
Their motors spit and spew.
And the boys who haven't chewed their cushions
Are distinct, in fact damn few.
Oh, we coax and plead with these Stinsons
Out over the water for five hours,
And these red and beautiful things behind us
Are sure as hell not flowers.
Their legs are very spindly
And their wings are rather short,
But when Robbie dives them at a pony
He can really make them snort.
Now there is a pilot named Rev. Williams
And his co-pilot Robert Wagstaff
Who trusted a Voyager too far
And would up in a rubber life raft.
There is a fine old pilot named Mr. Jesse
All the boys call him POP
Who flew one into the weather
And on his tail he did plop.
There is another fine pilot named Captain Howard
Who decided on the short runway.
You can get the rest of the story from Teachey
Who damn near broke his neck that day.
The mechanics say we have Gremlins,
That our motors will never blink
But we let them tell this story
to the boys who have been in the drink.
Major criew a well worn story
That a Voyager will never fail.
ANd if you don't believe this hokum
You will wind up in the Beaufort jail.
Now we are sure going to miss Harkers Island
And the barefooted babes galore.
But we are sure as hell glad of one thing,
We won't have to ride those damn Voyagers no more.