Civil Air Patrol (A Space-Age Prayer)

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Lyrics By: Chaplain David A. Robb, CAP
Music By:
Published By: None
Date: Unknown

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Civil Air Patrol (A Space-Age Prayer) - Instrumental


Sung to the tune of Ellacombe CMD
Civil Air Patrol
(A Space-Age Prayer)

Creative Life, whose galaxies
Are signatures on high,
Whose hand stretched forth the canopies
Of space 'neath which we lie
Whose voice amid the void gave birth
to worlds embraced in sky,
Bless those who venture o'er the earth
And those who dare to fly.
Outreaching Love, whose cares attend
The falling of a bird,
Let Everlasting Arms extend
To strongly undergird;
But should man's knowledge fail, and chart
A course where harms accost,
Then move us with compassiones heart
To seek and save the lost.
Sustaining Law, whose cosmic dust
Expands and circle still,
Expand our wisdom, love and trust
Round tine encircling Will.
Let missiles of our faith transcend
All worldly pulls in space,
That spirit, deeds, and lives ascend
To realms of heavenly place.
Unlifted Lord, to whom we rise-
Forst Conquorer of space,
Bless men, "impatient for the skies",
To soar, propelled by grace;
Unstopped by clouds, let upright deeds
Make straight beyond the sod
New highways of our Lord which lead
To skywards of our God!