Civil Air Patrol

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Lyrics By: Mr. Neill Mann
Music By: Lt Col Lewis L. Moore, CAP
Published By: Mills Music Co., NewYork, NY
Date: 1960

Adopted by the National Board Civil Air Patrol 1960.
Civil Air Patrol
March Song
The C.A.P. The auxiliary of the United States Air Force 
We fly our planes O'er land and Sea 
What ere the mission be 
Our men are proud their standards high 
Sing praises to the sky 
United we stand 
For this great land. 
We're the Civil Air Patrol. 

Our flying men stand ever true to uphold our honor too, 
When duty calls us we are ready. 
We fly into the blue. 
And when our mission's work is done 
We know that we have won. 
We have spread our fame preserved our name forever 
In the Civil Air Patrol. 

Our boys and girls are in there too 
So courageous, strong and true. 
Our chaplains guide them and we train them 
as part of our fighting crew. 
And if the Air Force calls them in 
They'll qualify as men. 
They have had the finest training we could give them 
In the Civil Air Patrol. 

When danger's near 
(When danger's near) 
We have no fear 
(We have no fear We have no fear We have no fear) 
The Air Force calls 
(The Air Force calls The Air Force calls The Air Force calls) 
We give our all! 
(We give our all!)