Marching Song of the C.A.P.

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Lyrics By: Mr. Don Large
Music By: Mr. Don Large
Published By: Bell Music Corp., Chicago, IL
Date: 1943

Marching Song of the C.A.P.
(The Civil Air Patrol)
There's a group of men and women in this mighty land,
Who realize the trouble and the danger now at hand.
They've built an organization second to nont through out the nation,
and their services are in demand.
Where ever you go, what ever you do,
The C.A.P. will see you through.
We're the pilots of the C.A.P.
We're on duty over land and see.
Though the way be tough!
and the weather rough!
We'll be on the job until the Axis have enough.
From Canada to the Gulf of Mexico,
We guard the ships from lurking death below.
Victory is the goal of the Civil Air Patrol
of the Civil Air Patrol.