The Civil Air Patrol (Official CAP Song)

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Lyrics By: Jack Price
Music By: Lowell Riley
Published By: Allied Music Corporation
Date: 1943

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In April 1943, National Headquarters issued a contest for an official Civil Air Patrol marching song. The march as written by Mr. Lowell Riley and Mr. Jack Price of the Ohio Wing and is recognized as the second "official" CAP song. The first CAP song written by Lieutenant Dorothy Robinson was lost due to a series of miscommunications between National Headquarters and her wing in part due to the relocation of National Headquarters from Washington D.C. to New York City. No records of the lyrics or music have been found.
The Civil Air Patrol
(Official CAP Song)

On to victory!
We'll Fly anything that flies;
That's the C.A.P.
For the glory of Liberty,
For the Red, White, and Blue,
Give us any kind of orders;
We're the guys who'll see them through.
Though the sky may be overcast,
Though fog banks may roll,
Never heed 'em, Fly for freedom