Lt Col Irving B. Katz

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Description: (L-R) Unknown, Lt Col Irving B Katz, Cadet Pollack, Fred Warnock. The pick-up in the background was one of many vehicles Lt Col Katz had requisitioned for Civil Air Patrol from Homestead AFB between 1952-1969 as Screening Officer for the R&M (Redistribution and Marketing) program. Fred Warnock Ford in Homestead used to tow vehicles to his dealership to rebuild and repaint them. Mr Warnock gained a lot of publicity through his generosity and support of the Civil Air Patrol. He also sold several of his cars to CAP members at reduced rates. Approximately 28 vehicles were reconditioned by Warnock Ford during this time period.

Photographer: Unknown
Circa: 1950s
Medium: Unknown
Courtesy of: Lt Col Joel Katz Collection
Repository: Lt Col Joel Katz's personal collection
Digitized By: Lt Col Robert A. Sims
Categorized Under: 1950-1959, Florida Wing