Lt Col Van Don Williams

Chaplain Lt Col Van Don Williams
is the Deputy Region Chaplain for Southeast Region and currently the interim Wing Chaplain for Puerto Rico.

Chaplain Williams joined CAP in 1984 as a Finance Officer for the Academy Aeronautics Cadet Squadron of New York Wing. In 1998, he was appointed as the squadron’s Moral Leadership Officer for Academy squadron and did additional duty as a MLO for August Martin Cadet Squadron. In 1999, he became a CAP Chaplain and assumed the duties of Group Chaplain for New York City Group.

In October 2001, he was assigned to the New York Wing staff as Wing Chaplain where he recruited and trained 12 chaplains and 20 Moral Leadership Officers. In 2002, Chaplain Williams became the first CAP Chaplain to graduate from a U.S. Air Force-sponsored Ethical Leadership course. 
He has previously served as Northeast Region Chaplain; Northeast Region Director of Critical Incident Stress Management; and National Deputy Chief of Chaplains for Administration and Professional Development.

Chaplain Williams is a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) of Ellicott City, MD, where he is a National Certified Instructor for several CISM courses, including Pastoral Crisis Intervention (I & II); Assisting Individual in Crisis; Group Crisis Intervention; Grief Following Trauma; Suicide Intervention for the Crisis Responder; and the Changing Face of Disaster Mental Health. He holds certificates in specialized training from the ICISF in Mass Disasters and Terrorism; Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention; and Schools & Children Crisis Response.

Exceptional Service Award
Meritorious Service Award
National Commander's Commendation Award
Commander’s Commendation Award
Gill Robb Wilson Award
Chaplain, Master Level
Administration, Master Level
Legal, Senior Level
Captain November 1999 
Major September 2001
Lieutenant Colonel October 2005
(Current as of 4 September 2017)